10 Tips To Accentuate Your Curves

10 Tips To Accentuate Your Curves

10 Tips To Accentuate Your Curves

Want to show off your curves but don’t know where to start?

You don’t need to be curvaceous naturally to show how curvy your body is.  Whether slim or curvy, your dress choice will determine if the curves will show, or not.

Some clothes are tailor-made and designed to give your body the extra boost it needs, hence what you need if looking for that hourglass shape.

It is every woman’s dream to have an hourglass shape. Nevertheless, only a few have such a figure or come close, which leaves the more significant percentage yearning as all they can do is wish.

Whether curvy, chubby, or slim, you can still create the illusion of more curves. The trick is to choose clothes that will help create the illusion.

Fashion retailer Curvy Clothing are the experts in this field, having hundreds of choices to show off those curves. They explain that “Our plus sized dresses don't simply follow the trend. We make sure they embrace your curves in the right places and bring out the best in you so you feel as amazing as you look.” 

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to choose the right clothes to accentuate your curves.

1) Colour Blocking

This technique involves wearing clothes with two bold and contrasting colours. The colour contrast helps your body shapes stand out and look even more voluptuous. Many people who want to create the illusion of larger hips and a more curvaceous body use this technique, and particularly to accentuate their waist.

Although the contrasting colours will boost your look, you might also want to go for clothes that hug your hips for even better results. Some clothes such as pencil skirts and hugging dresses are recommended for this to work.

2) Focus on Clothes Tailor-Made for Your Body

Unless you are the lucky type, finding clothes specially designed for your body type can be quite a chore.

Putting on clothes that don’t fit you well will only give you a block/flat figure. Having a good tailor adjust these clothes such that they fit your body shape can help accentuate your curves and other features very well.

This, however, means spending a few coins on the tailor to make it worthwhile.  Working with a tailor to ensure all your clothes fit perfectly is the best thing you can do, and especially if you are a plus-sized woman. This fashion tip is, however, universal to all body types and gender.

3) Wear A Belt

This is especially recommended for naturally curvy persons. Almost every curvy person has a small waist, something that can be overshadowed should you wear oversized clothes.

Wearing a belt, however, helps bring out the slim waist thus bringing out the curvy nature of your body. The belt will bring out your body shape clearly and especially if you are into loose-fitting tops or dresses.

4) Try High Heels

Heels create the illusion of well-toned and long legs, hence can help accentuate your curves well. Wearing high-heeled shoes creates the illusion of a slimmer body while making your curves have a more pronounced look.

Pairing the heeled shoes with the right clothes, such as skinny jeans or a skirt will also go a long way in boosting your curves and other features of your body. Heeled shoes also enable the back to curve inwards, thus showing the curves even more.

5) Wear Clothes with A Lower Neckline

Finding clothes with a lower neckline can help amplify the look of your chest area and the upper body in general. Such clothes are not only designed to show the collarbone (but in a flattering way) but also give a glimpse of the cleavage.

Showing just enough of the cleavage and collarbone isn’t particularly inappropriate but lets your curvature speak for itself. If all your wardrobe has are clothing with high necklines, you might then want to shop for a few with lower necklines to try out.

You will be surprised by the impact they can have on your body shape.

6) Consider Wrap-Style Dresses and Tops

These dresses and tops provide an excellent way to highlight your curves in every dimension.  Wrap-style dresses and tops are not only designed to amplify your curves and other body features but also have a low neckline as well.

This thus makes them the ‘go-to’ option for most curvy and fashion-oriented women out there. The wrap-style hugs your body in all the right places, thus amplifying their look and feel. Another advantage of going for the wrap-style tops and dresses is that they are particularly comfortable and breathable. You won’t feel confined in them.

7) Stick to Fitted Clothes

As a rule of thumb, you can only show your body features and curves if you stick to fitted clothes. Loose-clothing will only hide most of these features, hence only used when you have something to hide. Wearing fitted high-waist skirts, skinny jeans, and wrap-style tops will, therefore, amplify the curves, making them seem larger than they are.

This also makes your body stand out from the rest. This also applies to clothes that are too small for you as you can run the risk of being uncomfortable in them.

Ilona Nichterlein, a weight management expert at Act Now Hypnosis explains that you shouldn’t feel pressured to go a size down or up, saying that “being comfortable with your own body is the most important part of learning what works for you and what doesn’t. If you decide to make some weight changes, being comfortable makes all the difference”.

8) Consider Off-The-Shoulder Tops

Off-the-shoulder tops create an almost similar feeling and illusion like low-cut tops do. These tops show off the collarbone and only a glimpse of the cleavage, hence not too inappropriate.

The off-the-shoulder tops also show off your shoulders and cleavage a little thus emphasizing on your body shape and curves. These are also a preferred fashion style for many people today, hence worth trying out. You can wear these alongside tight skinny jeans and skirts for an even better look.

9) Consider Strategic Patterning and Vertical Stripes

Vertically striped clothes, and especially tops stretch your upper body while flared but hugging jeans give your hips a more accentuated look. Pairing the two together provides the balance of a curvy upper body and waist, hence achieving the desired result fast.

Strategic patterning is also recommended, and for a good reason. You shouldn’t stack different patterns together, as these will either make the curves fade away or even be too overwhelming. Stick to small patterns for slim-fitting clothes for the best look.

10) Show Some Confidence

While choosing the right clothes may help accentuate your curves, you still have to be confident in these clothes as well.  You need to be confident with how you walk, stand, and even present yourself to people. Most people will first notice your confidence before realizing how curvaceous you are.

Melbourne beauticians Ink Cosmetica explain the importance of feeling your best self, explaining that “taking some extra steps to make yourself feel good will pay off, because if you feel good, you’ll show confidence naturally. Confidence, therefore, matters a lot if looking to make a statement”.

These are just but a few tips to help bring the best out of your body shape. Don’t shy away from trying most of these, even if they seem to be extreme on your side. You never know what works best for your body.

Want to find some clothes to help you get started? Head on over to Curvy Clothing.

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