2021 Spring Fashion Guide For Plus Size Ladies

2021 Spring Fashion Guide For Plus Size Ladies

There's a good chance that this year's spring fever is a bit higher than usual. We're in the aftermath of the pandemic, and the world has started opening a little more outdoors. Everyone is thrilled to go out and enjoy the city wearing their stylish spring outfits.

“If there's one thing we learned about fashion throughout lockdown, that’s the sense of style doesn't go away,” says Sophia West—a yoga instructor at Poses.

So if you’re curvy and thinking about what to wear this spring, worry no more. Here’s Curvy Clothing’s spring fashion guide for plus size ladies.


Are you not ready to give up the loungewear you've been wearing the entire lockdown? The good news is that you never have to! The loungewear fad seems to be here to stay, with a slew of shops releasing spring-ready versions. Swap out your sweatpants for a pair of comfortable shorts and your sweatshirts for a cozy graphic tee. It's a scientific truth that you can never have enough of your loungewear.

One-sleeved Bodycon Dress

For the upcoming spring season, a one-sleeved body con dress is ideal. It will not only complement the season but will also highlight and accentuate your contours. Green, light blue, dark brown, dark red, and pale pink are some of the most attractive hues for one-sleeved body con dresses.

Sheer Everything

This season's fashion runways were dominated by sheer dresses, blouses, trousers and more. It's the ideal spring style since it enables you to layer yet stay cool in hot conditions. Moreover, The sheer trend has spread to businesses that are within your budget range.

Most sheer pieces are meant to be worn with something beneath them – imagine a bralette below a sheer top or a slip with a translucent dress – but by far, the most adventurous fashionistas wear nothing but their undergarments. That was a bold move!

Graphic T-shirts

A graphic tee exemplifies a sloppy look. You may combine it with sweatpants, biking shorts, skinny jeans, or trousers, and you'll have a cool-girl look in no time. This spring, you can choose designs that aren't simply black or grey - there are many colours to choose from, and we don't mind.

Modern Lace Dress

This spring, a contemporary lace dress is an ideal attire for a curvy lady. A strapless lace dress that hugged you in most of the right spots and brought out your inner goddess should be a must-have in your wardrobe.

Bras As Tops

Bras as Tops are a trend before, but brands upped the 'bralette as a top' look on their runways.

Choose bold designs and enhanced staples that seem like they're intended to be seen. Embrace the style without looking as if you forgot to throw a top on.

Try to find bralettes that stand out from the standard crop-top with exciting designs, textures and features. Unless you want to keep it simple, indulge in a style fashioned from high-quality fabrics which will make it more stylish.

Fire Up The Heat And Rock Your Spring With Curvy Clothing's Collection

Winter favourites like soft knits and artistic dark turtlenecks will have to make way for new trends and springtime staples when the seasons change. Now is the time to invest and upgrade your wardrobe. Yay!

Celebrate the spring by shopping at Curvy Clothing and flaunting that curve.

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