Awesome Fashion Styling Tricks For Plus-Size Women

Awesome Fashion Styling Tricks For Plus-Size Women

Dressing up has always been a confidence booster for ladies. Aside from making an impression, a mix and match of wearables make you look and feel your best. By wearing clothes that highlight your best attributes, you can look good at any size.

Karina Wolfin, CEO at Direct Appliance Rentals, highly regards plus size ladies getting fashionable. According to Wolfin, "Looking healthy, enjoying nice skin, having strength from enough sleep, and eating right, weighs heavier than compromising your body just to look good in a dress. In other words, being plus size doesn't limit you to dress and glam up. You are a fashion stylist in your own right. So if you have it, go for it. The world is your runway."

Yet while it sounds easy, you may find it tricky to put clothes together. To help you out, check out the following fashion styling tricks for plus-size women:

Flaunt What's Voluptuous In You

When you learn to accept what you have, you'll find it easier to love yourself. You'll appreciate your body and never be ashamed of it, no matter how curvy you are. Flaunt your stomach and show off those legs. Resist the pressure of covering these body parts by wearing baggy outfits. Covering your figure makes you appear less shapely.

Go Casual With Fit And Flare

Wear something fitted on top and loosen a bit on the bottom for a more balanced look. For instance, take a  pleated skirt coupled with a tank or a fitting tee.  It brings to the attention to your shape and makes you appear less rounded.  

Wear Statement Jewelry

Divert people's attention away from your weaknesses. Show your strong points and cover your flaws. Lace-up statement jewellery, a choker necklace that matches your outfits, can easily drag the spotlight away from your weaknesses.

Pop It With Colors

Don't worry about wearing something colourful. Monochromes may be slimming but tossing on bits of the same colour is dull. Try wearing materials and patterns of the same colours, but switch around and complete the look with hats, purses, or belts with a splash of colour. Experiment and be confident with your choices.

Do Not Dismiss Shapewear

Don't feel unmotivated when you think your belly ruins every outfit you wear. Invest in quality tummy tuckers or girdles. It will flatten your belly and delicately define your curves. Shapewear goes well with almost any business, so wear one and look a size lesser.    

Complement Your Curves With The Right Shoes

Pay attention to your shoes because a sloppy shoe can ruin a perfect outfit. Avoid ankle straps as they make your legs appear shorter. A classic pump gives you the prettiest line and would let your legs appear the longest.

Take The Time To Contour Your Face

Your stylish look can never be complete without makeup. And in doing your makeup, you should consider contouring. It can trim your face down and hide your baby cheeks.   When taking a selfie, tilt your camera backward, so your pictures don't expose your double chin.

Wear Your Clothes With Confidence

Show everyone that you love your body. Your confidence is the best outfit that you can wear. You can boost it even more by feeling sexy and positive about yourself.  

The Bottomline

Life is too short to be worried about precepts and what people may say. Always remember that having a plus-size body does not mean that you can't be a symbol of beauty.

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