Clear Signs You're a Bohemian

Clear Signs You're a Bohemian

In the fashion scene, bohemian style is a trend that never completely goes out of style. Yes, you may link specific patterns, shapes, and accents—like a maxi dress, floral prints, and embroidery, to mention a few—to the fashion. However, several elements from the once-popular 1960s and 1970s styles have found their way into the hottest trends of the present. Prairie dresses with Western accents are a good example.

"Contemporary boho fashions don't compare to those worn at Coachella, but it's reasonable to say that many of the major bohemian-inspired styles are here to stay. Men and women—of all sizes—are embracing the boho style, and it's wonderful, whether it's exaggerated puffed collars or a sophisticated interpretation of fringe trim," says fashion consultant and women's lingerie specialist Danielle Foster of Bralettes.

Even if you don't believe the bohemian vibe is for you, these signs can change your mind.

But First, What Exactly Is Bohemian Style?

Bohemian style is a subset of hippie fashion that combines organic materials, vintage prints, warm hues, and neutrals with 70s-inspired details and a penchant for striking accessories. Boho style is more than a fad in fashion. It is a genuine culture in and of itself, with a sophisticated ideology and a complicated history.

The 19th century was when boho fashion first emerged as a counterculture. Today, the vast selection of bohemian clothes and accessories has elevated the style to the level of a phenomenon, with its loose-fitting items of clothing, casual accessories, and an overall artistic, eclectic hodgepodge of materials.

So, you think you are bohemian? Find out by reading the signs below.

You're Not A Fan Of Wearing A Uniform

Do wearing a uniform to school or work make you feel as if your personality is being stolen? Most bohemians use their sense of style and fashion to express who they are, so denying them those things for standardisation makes them feel like they've lost a tiny part of who they are.

You Cringe At The Latest Fashion Trends

Bohemians do not follow trends. Having the same appearance as everyone else does not make a bohemian happy. They are very distinctive people who don't need instructions on what to dress or how to wear it. A bohemian will rebel if you try to contain them and do the opposite of what every fashion magazine deems "in vogue."

You Own Boho Stuff

You might not be aware of it, but you're a certified bohemian if you own the following items:

  • a floppy hat
  • flared jeans
  • denim cut-offs,
  • feather earrings
  • gladiator sandals
  • printed maxi dress
  • a fur or beaded vest
  • a coin-embellished belt,
  • a fringe cross-body bag
  • every style of boot imaginable.

How many of these boho staples are in your closet?

You Dress Your Way

Even though you are aware of how fashionable ladylike silhouettes and menswear-inspired suits are right now, everything seems too bourgeois to your free spirit. Your dad thinks almost any dress you own "looks like a sack," your mother calls you a "hippie," and your close buddies all dress the same way you do—that's how it is.

You're Head Over Heels With Crochet

You are channelling your inner boho-chic if you rock the crochet style with organic fibres. If you're guilty of layering a flowy sundress over a crochet knit bikini—accept your fate, lass. A bamboo handbag also adds a natural element that enhances a boho vibe, an outfit ideal for the beach!

You Never Miss The Tassels and Fringe Details

Including parts of the style through your choice of accessories help you achieve the boho look while keeping it simple. You are a boho chic if you've worn a strappy summer maxi dress with a fringed satchel purse and long tassel earrings. Tassels and fringes are two key boho fashion elements that may quickly upgrade your looks!

Do You Have The Free Spirit?—Flaunt It, Girl!

"She was gypsy at heart, her hair was messy, her eyes were wild, and her soul free."

Bohemian fashion is unquestionably more than a passing fashion craze. It's an authentic way of living, filled to the brim with an equally distinctive and creative manner of wearing.

Curvy Clothing’s Bohemian Closet brings together the most unusual combinations of designs and materials, embodies a diverse variety of global cultures and combines many famous fashion periods.

You might not wear the flashy clothes and wear bracelets up to your elbows, but deep in your soul, there might be a bohemian just waiting to be set free.

Contact us with your questions and concerns, and we’ll help you ace the boho look you desire.

Written by Sarah Luna

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