Curves are Back and Sexy!

Curves are Back and Sexy!

Ask any man what he likes in a woman and it’s curves.

Curves have always been popular. Women of the Renaissance period were idolised for their voluptuous curves, which were draped in luxurious velvet and silk gowns and dresses. At the time, their figures were considered, the height of sexiness.

Men considered women with curves symbols of beauty. Curves also meant that you had enough to eat, which signaled wealth and status. So in reality, curves never really went away.

We only have to look back to Marilyn Monroe back in the 50’s and 60’s as the iconic plus-size model. She had it all - style, class and enough curves to thrill - the perfect combination. She was, in reality, a size 14 – 16 and was recognised as the sexiest woman in the world. For more than 50 years, she has consistently been named as having the best celebrity curves of all time, beating modern pinups such as Kim Kardashian.

In the new millennium, we were introduced to the first plus-size supermodel, Sophie Dahl with her ample curves. Gone are the days where everyone has to look like everyone and fit into a certain look to be accepted.

All body types are celebrated today and women are offered different options for expressing their beauty. Clothing manufacturers have taken note and making on-trend clothing for the curvy woman. Plus-sized dressing has made it onto the catwalks of Paris and Milan. Our celebrities of today are women who are celebrated and worshipped for their curves like Beyonce and The Kardashian’s, They are leading the way for women to feel confident and sexy with their hourglass shape and curves.

Clothing manufacturers and retailers have also taken note. Today’s fashion now moves seamlessly from bohemian, hippie chic, vamp seductress, casual street vibe to classic look in a heartbeat.  With more women having fuller, sexier physiques, clothing needs to reflect that. It has to be comfortable to wear, high quality, stylish and fashionable at the same time.

This creates choice and curvy women are not limited anymore in their clothing and fashion choices. Their sexy staying power has seen clothing collections using fabrics like lace, silk, leather, and suede. These classic fabrics can be can be easily mixed and matched to create on-trend looks for curvy women.  Prints like leopard and stripes are also making an impact, which can be striking on a curvy lady.

Beauty for the new millennium is fresh, exciting, and fun for women of all ages.

Finally, there are no strict rules; only wonderful possibilities!
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