Dress to Impress: Your Dating Style Guide

Dress to Impress: Your Dating Style Guide

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Finding the perfect fit for a first date is a dilemma that has lasted through the ages. We want to be cute and comfortable but is that even a possibility? The number one requirement is that you feel confident! Here are some tips to ace your outfit on your first date.

  1. Wear Something You’ve Worn Before:

This may seem like an outlandish idea, after all who doesn't love treating themselves to a new outfit for a special occasion? But as we all know, new clothes can all too often be hit or miss and finding out your new pants have a sticky zip when you’ve just excused yourself to the ladies on a first date could be a recipe for disaster.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients who are wearing an outfit for the first time and end up having a devastating and stressful malfunction on the night of their event,” note the event planners from Series of Events Australia.

Even something as simple as a strapless dress that constantly falls down can be enough to ruin your night and distract you from your date so use a first date as an opportunity to break out your favourite fancy pieces or buy a new outfit and give it a “test run” around the house to eliminate the risk of any wardrobe malfunctions that would make Janet Jackson blush.

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  1. Dress for the Occasion:

When we’re meeting someone for the first time we automatically think of getting dressed up, but depending on your date location, breaking out your sunday best may not be appropriate. Think of what you would wear to the location you’re visiting if you were going with your oldest friend. Oftentimes when you stick to what you would do naturally, you’ll automatically feel more comfortable and your date will connect with you more.

  1. Check the weather!

This one may seem obvious, but there is nothing worse than breaking into a sweat on a first date. Be sure to check the weather and opt for lighter cotton materials or shorter cuts if it’s meant to be warmer. On the same token make sure you bring a jacket if the forecast is on the cooler side, yes the guy or gal lending you their jacket is something straight out of a romance novel, but in reality putting this into practice will just leave your date cold and you only want them to be feeling warm and fuzzy!

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  1. Wear sensible shoes:

Sure, anyone can look sexy in a pair of strappy stilettos but virtually no one can wear them comfortably for hours. Trust me, your date will rather you be comfortable and ready for anything.

“When you wear shoes that give you blisters or hurt your feet you will often find your mind becomes consumed, all you can think about is how much they hurt and how much you want to go home to take them off” says the fitness enthusiasts from Iconic Lifestyle, “whether you’re working out or on a first date, opting for shoes you know you won’t have to think about is a must so you can focus on the important things”.

It is best to not wear a new pair of shoes on a first date because even flats can leave you with some nasty blisters. Don’t risk having to turn down a romantic stroll because your feet are killing you, stick to shoes you know have your back.

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  1. Proper Perfume: As Coco Chanel once said “no elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory”. We often associate perfume with memories so splashing your signature scent on before a date is a great way to leave an impression.

“A lot of the couples I marry go fragrance shopping before their big day to select a perfume for each other” explains marriage celebrant Johan, “I’ve had couples who got married years ago that say every time they wear their wedding day scent on anniversaries or date nights they’re transported back to their big day”

A huge mistake that many make on first dates is overdoing it. Think about when you meet someone who goes overboard on the cologne, it isn’t a pleasant experience. If you want to wear perfume, opt for a delicate scent that you wear often and apply a normal amount.

Written By Amelia Hodges

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