Look Curvier In Your Plus Size Dress With These Amazing Tips

Look Curvier In Your Plus Size Dress With These Amazing Tips

Raise your hand if you've gained some weight because of the pandemic. Me, you and just about every other lady who became too friendly with the refrigerator and ignored exercise during the stay at home directives are guilty. It's a struggle to put on proper clothing. Buttons are broken, zippers are torn, and clothes that were a good fit last year are suddenly one size smaller.

But don't get it wrong, to be fashionable is not all about being skinny. You can look and feel fit, firm, and stunning while having a body-positive mindset and owning your curves at any size.

"Many women with curves have a hard time finding the right style of clothes for them. Yet, looking decent and curvier when you're plus-sized is not nearly as tricky as it seems. You can liven up your plus size style with some simple hacks to feel much better about yourself." says Hayes Thomas from Novalease.

Here are insider tips on how to nail your next plus-size #OOTD — and dieting isn't one of them!

Keep In Mind The Most Important Rule Of Curvy Dressing Proportion

Upper and bottom shapes that are wide, broad and round will make you look fuller and rounder. Pair your widely cut garments with a snugger match to highlight your curvy section. Balance a  wide-leg trouser with a fitting shirt, a skirt with a longer top, and so on.

Choose The Right Neckline

In choosing necklines, a sophisticated V-neck may effortlessly make you appear 5 pounds lighter in an instant. When you select this deeper cut, you'll get a great stretching vertical line. Thus, creating a taller and slimmer shape. It is particularly important for ladies with broad chests, who may look smothered if their necklines are excessively high.

Make Your Separates Match

Match your trousers or skirt, tights, and shoes to "lose" another five pounds. If they're all black, you’re already 10 pounds lighter! Is the one-colour thing a little too boring for you? Put on a pair of colourful shoes to make a statement.

Jeans Are Always Best With Heels—And Tuck In Your Shirt

Have you ever wondered why you keep seeing this look on celebrities online and in print media? Because when done correctly, it makes any lady look taller and slimmer. Sleek or boot-cut denim that hangs on your hips (rather than at your waistline or under your hipbone) and concealed instep while you're wearing heels are the most flattering.

Choose Your Prints Carefully

Although prints don't highlight your curves as much as solid colours, you may put them to work by enhancing their concealing qualities. For example, pair a printed A-line outfit with a set of matching tights if you're fuller on the bottom. When it comes to prints, the rule of thumb is that the smaller the prints, the thinner you look.

Stick To No-waist Outfits

The tummy bulge attracts a lot of attention. Don't let it steal the show. As there is no separation at the waist, anything that does not have a belting — trapeze, fitted and flared, empire, high waist, shift — are more body-friendly than separated shirts and pants. In addition, one-piece outfits accentuate curvature and harmonise body proportions, making you appear more "even."

Carry A Medium-sized Structured Handbag

Tailoring is almost as vital in accessories as it does in clothes when it comes to curves. Avoid oversized, floppy shoulder bags (which will appear as amorphous pouches on your shoulders) and small novelty purses, which look out of proportions. Instead, pick a perfect medium-size structured bag for daily usage for a balanced, sleek look.

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