PLUS SIZE FASHION TIPS: How to Find Sleeves that Flatter Every Figure

PLUS SIZE FASHION TIPS: How to Find Sleeves that Flatter Every Figure

With designers creating more accessible pieces and influencers developing more visibility around plus sizes, there are many options for anyone looking to rock the latest trends. Shopping for plus-size clothes can be overwhelming and hard to find. Still, with more resources, finding stylish pieces that fit great without sacrificing comfort or style is becoming more accessible.

"Plus-size fashion is not just about clothing that fits larger bodies, but also about embracing and celebrating those bodies. It's about empowering people of all sizes to feel confident and stylish, regardless of societal beauty standards," says Danielle Foster, a fashion marketing specialist at Bralettes.

In plus-size fashion, sleeves can make all the difference in how you feel about your look. There’s something about how certain sleeve styles drape and fit that adds an undeniable touch of class and creates shape.

TIP #1: Matching Your Body Type

Understanding body shapes is a crucial component when it comes to plus-size fashion. It's all about choosing clothing that will flatter your figure best and make you feel confident! You might find yourself in four body shapes in an hourglass: straight, pear, and apple.

For those with an hourglass figure, choose pieces that cinch the waist and add definition to your curves. If you have a straight frame, look for items that add shapes, such as structured jackets or tops with flair at the hip or bust. If having broader hips is something that you're conscious of, invest in trousers and skirts with pleats or elastic hems so they fit nicely around your waist.

Moreover, if adding volume to your upper half is your goal, layer with fitted cardigans or tops with puff sleeves for a flattering silhouette. So don’t be afraid to try new looks - understanding which body shape you have can make all the difference when finding cute plus-size clothes!

TIP #2: Selecting The Right Fabrics

Not all fabrics and designs work the same when dressing for your body type. Certain materials can give plus-size women a more flattering effect than others. Fabrics with higher levels of spandex or Lycra, such as cotton blends, can help skim over any curves you want to hide while showcasing the ones you love.

Structured fabrics such as linen and twill tend to be more rigid and can look boxy on some body shapes - so try to avoid those if you can! Regarding sleeves, raglan and bell sleeves are great for elongating arms, whereas short puff tissue sleeves create an illusion of broader shoulders.

TIP #3: Styling For Different Occasions

Finding the perfect style for your curves doesn't have to be complicated. A ¾ length sleeve or ruched bow style for formal occasions are classic cut-outs that accentuate your shape and create an effortless on-the-go look. If you're looking for something more daring, try subtle ruffles and bold hues to turn heads in the boardroom or any night out.

Alternatively, when the weather heats up, sleeveless dresses, crop tops, and cool culottes will keep you well-ventilated but feeling your best! When selecting fabrics and colours for any occasion, it's best to consider soft materials like silk or velvet that subtly flatter your figure. Cool colours such as navy and blush pair perfectly with these fabrics while adding a timeless touch of chic to any ensemble.

Style Beyond Size

At Bohemian Closet, we understand the importance of feeling confident and fabulous in what you wear. That is why we provide an extensive selection of sizes so that every woman can find something that fits her perfectly, regardless of whether she's a size 6 or 36.

Contact us today and look beautiful from the inside out. Not only do we have clothing to fit all body types, but our trend-setting pieces are also designed to be ultra-flattering. We know that clothes aren't just about looking great on the outside - it's about being able to own it and yielding confidence from within.

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