Plus-Size Ultimate Guide to Prints

Plus-Size Ultimate Guide to Prints

Prints are a great way to make a bold, stylish statement. Plus-size fashion has gone a long way, and now there's an abundance of prints available in all shapes and sizes. From florals to animal prints, stripes to plaids, and geometric designs to paisleys, there's no limit to options in choosing the ideal print for you.

"Plus size prints don't have to be boring. You can make a statement with printed pieces in bright colours, bold patterns, and interesting textures. Prints for plus size fashion are all about finding something you love and feel comfortable with—a classic or an edgy design.” says Lincoln Beck, a fashion expert and online business guru at Biz Hero Online.

While there's no one-size-fits-all approach to finding the perfect print, some tips can help you get started. Here is our ultimate guide to plus-size fashion prints:

1. Choose The Suitable Fabric

When choosing a print, you must consider the type of fabric you want. Look for light and breathable materials and durable enough to withstand wear and tear. Some natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen, and silk, are great choices because they're comfortable and last longer.

2. Consider The Print Size

Smaller prints tend to be more versatile, while larger prints are best for making a bold statement. If you need clarification on which is right for you, it's always a good idea to try them both in-store or order a few sizes online to compare.

3. Pick The Correct Pattern

Look for prints that complement your body shape and flatter your curves. Avoid loud or busy patterns if you're looking for an everyday look, but don't be afraid to try something daring if you want to stand out.

4. Mix and Match

Prints are a great way to combine different colours and patterns. Try pairing a floral dress with a plaid blazer or an animal print shirt with striped pants for a fun, eclectic look. Mixing and matching prints in different shapes and sizes can create an exciting look.

5. Add Some Accessories

Accessories such as jewellery, scarves, and handbags can help tie your outfit together. Look for printed accessories in coordinating colours or complementary patterns to give your outfit a finished look. Additionally, fun statement accessories help direct attention away from areas where you are self-conscious.

Making A Stylish Statement With PRINTS!

Prints are a great way to express your style and add visual interest to any outfit. With a bit of work and creativity, prints are an easy way to create stylish plus-size outfits that make you feel confident and gorgeous. But no matter what type of print you choose, remember to have fun and express yourself in whatever way makes you happy.

At Curvy Clothing, our selection of plus-size prints offers something for everyone, from classic floral patterns to eye-catching animal prints, stripes, and plaids. Whether you're looking for a subtle statement or a bold look, we have the perfect print for you!

Contact us today to find the perfect printed piece for your wardrobe. We can't wait to help you make a stylish statement with prints!


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