Six Tips to Help You Embrace Your Curves

Six Tips to Help You Embrace Your Curves

Are you struggling to love your curves? Body confidence is something that a lot of people struggle with. If you're finding it hard to accept your body, you are not alone. We are constantly bombarded with media about what the perfect body should look like, but why should you listen to random strangers?

Instead of doing crash diets or trying to force yourself into clothing that is too small for you, why not embrace your body. Skinny doesn't mean beautiful, and being bigger isn't automatically bad. Learn to be the best you that you can be. Here are a few tips from Curvy Clothing to help you learn to love your body.

1. Focus on the things you like

Take a look in the mirror and think about the parts of your body you like. Do you have good cleavage? Are your legs shapely and athletic? Do your shoulders sit perfectly to let off-shoulder shirts hang in a flattering way? According to the wedding celebrant from MM Celebrant, “many curvy women pay more attention when choosing wedding dresses that frame their curves beautifully.” That should apply to your everyday wear as well.

There will be at least one thing that you like about having your curves. Your body might not be exactly the same as that of a curvy celebrity that you like, but there will be outfits that you can wear that you feel great in. Do leggings show off your legs? Do V-neck dresses highlight your bust? Get to know your body, and figure out what makes you feel good.

2. Trust your inner voice

Ignore the magazines and TV shows, and start listening to your inner voice. Sometimes that voice is drowned out by criticism from outside sources. Sometimes you can hear so much criticism that your inner voice goes quiet. Shut out negative people and let your inner voice start talking again. Once you learn to trust it, you will find that it has a lot of nice things to say and that your confidence will grow.

3. Stop buying small clothes (or baggy clothes)

A lot of curvy women try to hide their bodies in oversized clothes in the hopes of hiding their flaws. This doesn't work, it makes you look shapeless instead. Another common mistake is wearing clothing too small, which is uncomfortable and unflattering too. Invest in clothes that fit and that conform to your body. This may mean shopping at specialist or higher quality stores, but it is well worth it.

According to bohemian boutique owner at Tierra Alma, quality items last longer than fast fashion from discount stores. Paula says, “To take it a step further, you will feel happier and more comfortable wearing them too.” Once you have that confidence, who knows what you will be able to achieve next.

4. Go to a tailor

If you can't find clothing that fits your body, take some quality items to a tailor and get them to alter it for you, or get some clothing custom made. This will make you more confident in your body, and it will let you show off the best parts of your figure too.

5. Develop your own style

Everyone has something that they really like. Maybe you always wear bright red lipstick. Maybe you have a big chunky belt, or a collection of belts, and your "thing" is pairing every outfit with one of those belts. Perhaps you're really into contrasting colors, or you will never leave home without a designer bag.

Build your look and rock it. When you stop sacrificing your sense of fashion in the quest to look slimmer, you are giving up a lot. Once you stop caring about hiding your curves and start being more willing to call attention to yourself, you will feel better and it will show. Be you, and be proud of it.

6. Put health first

Don't conflict being thin with being healthy. Being healthy means eating the right amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy fats. Starving yourself is no better than eating too much. Exercise is important too. Crash dieting and exercising too hard, too soon are bad for you, just like not exercising and binge-eating are.

Take the focus off weight, and think about gradually building healthy habits. This means exercising in a way that is appropriate for your current level of fitness, and eating the right amount of good quality foods. Look after yourself both physically and mentally.

Give yourself some praise every day. Start every day knowing that you are a valuable, good person, and make sure that every day you do something, however small, to prove yourself right. Go for a walk, ace that big project at work. Hug your nieces and nephews, donate to charity. Do something to make yourself smile and to make others smile, and remember that the magazines and TV shows don't matter.

If you’re looking to find styles that embraces your curves, why not check out Curvy Clothing for some gorgeous options?


Written by: Una Brown

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