The 2022 Bohemian Comeback

The 2022 Bohemian Comeback

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2022 is about to see a huge resurgence of the bohemian chic style. With everything from makeup to interior design drawing inspiration from the swinging 60’s (aka the flower child era), it’s not surprising that fashion is too. People are moving away from designer clothing to embrace style that is comfortable, carefree and creative. Modern and materialistic outfits are out and vintage looks that take inspiration from decades past are very much in.  

“This seismic shift is perhaps due to the change of perception we are experiencing following the worldwide pandemic” says resilience coach Elisabeth from Live by Your Codes, “Our values have changed and we now are focused on making a statement about our own values and interests rather than simply following the herd”. 

Another massive influence on the comeback of bohemian style is the increase of people purchasing their clothes from thrift stores and online boutiques that offer unique styles. The opportunity for us to personalise our style has never been more prevalent and possible. Anyone can incorporate affordable, unique pieces and establish a personal style that wholly reflects them. 

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The bohemian style is becoming widespread on social media as sharing our fashion looks on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Pinterest has become a standard element of our lives.  

“Everyday people and celebrities alike are posting pics of their individuality and giving tips on how to dress in a bohemian style so others can try it out” says the fashion experts from My Design App, “Even the circulation of old photos of fashion icons and regular people from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s is swaying the style choices of many as they get a glimpse of what once was and romantiese and recreate it”. 

Even events are drawing on the bohemian flair. People are adopting bohemia and avant-garde looks for their wedding dresses and decor. Celebrities like Nikki Reed, Kaley Cuoco and Kelly Clarkson donned light, lacey dresses and flower crowns on their big day.  


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“Bohemian style events are super popular, I think Coachella and Woodstock have given people a desire to hold chic events in garden spaces that give their guests a fun, free experience” says award-winning event planner Sam Gosper, “Bohemian weddings are so beautiful because they can incorporate intricate florals but still seem effortless and easy”.

The bohemian style is so versatile and can be customised to suit any personality, event and budget. Bohemian outfits can be dressed up or down meaning it is an awesome and achievable genre to incorporate into your wardrobe. 

Written by Amelia Hodges

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