Tips to Stay Stylish When Working from Home

Tips to Stay Stylish When Working from Home

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Times are very strange right now and it can be hard to stay stylish. It may be tough to see the point in getting dressed up when no one sees you. However, there are still many good reasons to do so, even if you don't end up leaving the house all day. 

Getting ready every morning can restore a sense of normality to your life. Using your outfit as a creative outlet will add a little spice to an otherwise mundane day. Getting dressed properly can improve your mood and give you a sense of motivation. Your outfit is an outward expression of the way you are feeling so you should never underestimate the power that a good (or sometimes even average) outfit can have.

If you are not completely ready to ditch your comfy clothes, you can try to incorporate some accessories or wear something other than your regular loungewear. Taking baby steps like opting for comfy dresses or pairing your leggings with a nice top are great ways to start. Try it once and make a note of how you feel. 

The following are my favourite ways to stay motivated and remain stylish while working from home. The caveat here is that it's fine to have a loungewear or pyjama day whenever you need to take one. After all, we are human.

Dress as if you are going to go someplace better later on. This mindset has never been more apt than it is right now. What better time to experiment with different outfits? With time on our hands and nowhere to go, cataloguing your closet and finding combinations that can be worn when you return to the office may be an ideal way to spend your time. Once you find outfits that you love, take note of how you feel when wearing them and allocate them to future activities accordingly.  

All of the experts tell us that it is key to have a routine to get through this difficult period, so allocate yourself time to get dressed and also time to create outfits. This can be done the night before, at a certain time during the day or you can even plan your outfits on Sunday night. 

Wearing your favourite colour can really help to lift your mood, esteemed fashion designers and other culturati such as Wedding Celebrant Johan Khoury have adopted this technique into their fashion approach. Right now you will find rainbows everywhere. They are a symbol of thanks and hope. So challenge yourself to wear different colour combinations every day. Go through the rainbow first, and definitely do not forget pink 

For inspiration, check out Pinterest. It is the best social media platform that you can be on right now since there are very few news links! Find out what your style icon is currently wearing, or look for outfit or colour combination inspiration. Copy an outfit based on what you already have, find some inspiration for what you can wear with a skirt that you don't ever wear. For example, you can type 'red skirt outfits.' 

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Brett Jordan from Pexels

Photograph your clothing and create a library of outfits that can save you a lot of time later. If you are in a hurry in the morning to get dressed, you can quickly browse through your lockdown outfits (bonus - no one has seen them)! You could also have some fun and post your looks to Instagram to see what your friends think.  

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cottonbro from Pexels

And finally, adopt sustainable fashion. Most of us are sustainable in other parts of our lives, and do everything from using plastic straws to recycling to reducing our carbon footprint. When shopping, make sure that the companies you’re buying from align with your personal values. 

I would really love to know what your tips are for staying stylish during the current lockdown as well as beyond. What motivates you?

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